How to cope with queasiness during pregnancy

One of the most joyful period of a person's life is when they find out they are expecting. However, this is not a nine-month celebration in many people's lives, there are those for whom the first half of this period is a nightmare. Persistent nausea, stomach ache, and sore throat can make almost every moment of the 6th to the 12th week a bitter experience.

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At this time in the pregnancy, the soon to be mother and her compassionate sweetheart are desperately looking for proven tactics that can alleviate these wretched symptoms. After all, this is not as easy as to ask a doctor to prescribe a remedy that is completely safe for both the baby and the mother, regrettably, such a thing does not exist.

However there are some easy and effective ways, that do not cost a king's ransom. Fair warning, there is no one cure for all that works in every situation, we can easily become disgusted even with the previously tried out foods types.

What causes an upset stomach, nausea?

It is good to know that the nausea is not caused by the fact that the small life that develops in us does not like what we are currently consuming, so it cannot stand it. The body just produces so much ßHCG hormone - what it is very good for the baby - that there is a huge increase in hormone levels, that is difficult to get used to so it will be more sensitive to odors, temperature, amount of food, taste and this will lead to unpleasant symptoms.

Not everyone is suffering from these afflictions. And those who develop some kind of change do not have the same symptoms. Some people get just a little nauseous and some get rid of up to several pounds in the first trimester due to an excessive amount of throwing up. In severe cases, this can even lead to abnormal dehydration, which unfortunately can only be treated with an infusion.

There's another important thing that's good to be aware in advance and don't be afraid of it, morning sickness can come at any time of the day albeit it is not "morning" sickness at that time. Keeping this in mind if you are feeling good in the morning don't devour half the fridge cause a sudden jolt of hormones will have you running for the restroom.

So what can we do about nausea?

First of all, you need to know that there is no panacea and any solution there is, it is only worth trying it in moderation if it helps considering in this period the body can "say" -"i had it with this..ish"- from one moment to the next and just about anything can trigger this response, even thing that had a soothing effect up to that point.

We should eat as the baby eats. Since the little one continually takes away all sorts of nutrients, mainly glucose out of our blood, so it doesn't hurt us to replenish them one by one so that everyone can “do well”. Therefore base our eating on being constant, gradual, always consume only a small portion of a few varieties of food. Snacking every 10-20 minutes between main meals, helping to keep our blood sugar levels in balance. It is worth noting that glucose should be replenished from as natural a source as possible, in a slow absorbing form, such as fructose.

Also, don't forget to drink regularly so that any throwing up puts less strain on your body.

From many sources, we can read about the importance of consuming vegetables and fruits, but in most cases, the majority of women who are with child go for those first, they should not overdo it, eat only half as much as you feel would go down smoothly, do not force yourself.


One of the most praised for reducing queasiness and stomach acid is lemon. In milder cases, it is enough just to lick it a little, but if the situation worsens nip on a mix of 2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice with a teaspoon of honey.


Ginger tea is generally recommended against nausea but it has a quite spicy flavor to it so to a person who is struggling with queasiness it would be quite an undertaking. If you still wish to try it none the less, then approximately a teaspoon of dried ginger should be soaked in about 1.5 cup (360ml) of hot water for a few minutes. Drink slowly, if it does not work, it might increase the nausea.


They are a top pick when it comes to quelling hunger. However not every type may be safe to snack on during pregnancy. Lemon and ginger flavor are big favorites. Digestive biscuits that are made from whole wheat or whole grain can be beneficial during pregnancy to help in issues related to constipation and bowel movement, eat it in moderation of course. Beware of sugar and cream biscuits for they are very tasty also cause quick weight gain. Common causes of gas or flatulence during pregnancy is chana (gram flour) and also known to lead to heartburn in pregnant women.

We can easily control the constant burning sensation in our throats with biscuits which are dry enough to absorb the acid and sweet to keep our blood sugar levels in order, but it's not the healthiest snack, so don't overdo it, just chew 2-3 pieces of it if necessary. And if you prefer to eat something salty, choose the salted breadsticks.

A lot of biscuits or carbohydrates have a big downside, they are harmful to the teeth, so pay more attention to oral hygiene. You will swallow less bacteria, brushing your teeth and menthol taste can also relieve your nausea symptoms.

Fresh air

Those who go to trough pregnancy during the winter months are luckier than someone who goes through it during summer, head to the coolest corner of the house, the most pleasant posture, and hold tight.

Let's sit up straight

In many cases, a milder nausea can be helped by not keeping our heads down all the time, but rather by keeping it straight and up. This can be a great help if we over indulged ourselves eating causing elevated levels of gastric acid. Never lie down immediately after a meal, wait at least 30 minutes for the food to have time to get further along the digestion tract so that even if you lean down afterward, your throat will not burn as much.

Chilled water, ice

As the queasiness increases, you may need some cold water or ice. This can ease the esophagus for a while, it does not bring long-term relief, rather it generates more acidity if too much cold causes inflammation. Regardless, if we feel it helps let's do it, but with careful moderation.

Don't stress

Heartburn is exacerbated by stress even if we are not expecting a baby. If we are in the middle of it, prefer to leave important decisions after the 12th week because our already acidic stomach doesn't need more agitation.

Vitamin B

A lot of articles suggest eating vitamin B6 against acidity, as well as foods rich in vitamin B6, such as bananas, chestnuts, seeds. It is also better to be aware that vitamin B6 creates an appetite, which means we will be craving more food, also we will be more acidic, so the slogan, in this case, is moderation.

Notice! Our summary above is more for those whose queasiness falls into the milder category. If you vomit several times a day, you should consult your doctor or physician. We are not responsible for any medical complications that may arise due to not seeking the help of a certified professional.

May 2020